Our Lumber

Our Teak Wood Lumber at Wholesale Prices

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There are no middlemen – you are buying from the source in southeast Asia.  We harvest it, we ship it, we sell it – teak wood lumber at low wholesale prices.

Physical Characteristics

– Certified Plantation Grown
– High Quality Grades

– 20% Moisture Content
– Delivered as Raw Stock / Rough Cut or Milled

Why is our Teak better?

Our Certified Plantation Grown teak possesses more of the oils, resins, and silica that give teak wood its unique properties of durability, weather resistance, insect resistance, rot and mildew resistance, and non-skid surface. That is why Certified Plantation Grown teak is considered the best teak available in the world.

Certified Plantation Grown teak is grown in native areas with “natural growth” techniques. The soil and climate conditions are similar to “old growth” teak and therefore the nature of the wood is similar.

Teak Wood Suppliers | Teak Wood Distributors